Unraveling for the Great Revealing

The time of transformation is here and now. We are on the precipice of a major shift. Many of us knew this time would come and have been preparing for this moment all our lives. I know I have. Although I knew the Earth was going to go through a major transformation and although I had glimpses of the future, I had no idea what would really transpire. No one did. The time of transformation is here and now.

If we can see beyond the di-sease, chaos and disharmony on our planet right now we will experience all the ways the planet is coming into balance; the sky is brighter because there is less smog in the air, the animals are roaming closer to humans and the sounds and colors of nature are more vibrant. Our planet is in the process of healing.

If we look beyond the appearance of disharmony, di-sease and lack, we will notice that people are in deep healing process and transformation.

If we look closely, we will see all the ways that people have gathered in unity to assist each other through acts of kindness and love, because all lives matter. It does not matter the skin color, the belief system, our age, or nationality. We truly are in a time of transformation of healing the human condition together.

Transformation is a natural process. Trees go through a transformation with a change of season. Like a tree, we also start from a seed and grow limbs and move through the changes in our lives.

I invite you to think of this time as the quickening of the process of the change of seasons. Before the pandemic, a lot of us complained that everything was moving too fast, traffic was too fast, there was not enough time to get things done in a day. The energy on our planet felt frenetic and there was conflict everywhere. Even in our country, people were divided because of beliefs about politics, equal rights and honoring our natural world. The world felt like it was a pressure cooker. Then there was an explosion and a harmful virus was let loose and spread quickly through the world. Our planet came to a standstill. Every single person on the Earth was in shock and faced fear. Everyone had to make a choice to respond with flight, fight, freeze or take positive action. We were in an unfamiliar place of uncertainty. We were forced to turn inward for peace and clarity and direction. Many chose to assist those who needed help with tremendous acts of selfless service.

Why does it take a global crisis to bring people together? We are all on this planet for a purpose. We all matter. We have individual talents to contribute and we have a collective reason for being here. Our planet may never be like it was before. It is unraveling on a large scale because It was time for change.

Our new normal is inviting us to live in the moment. To handle our emotions and beliefs as they arise in us. To realize that our personality or human self is fearful and views life based on survival and keeping us small and safe. Sometimes as humans we are selfish, boastful, and judgmental and set on our beliefs.

We also have a Higher Self. This is the part of us that sees through the eyes of love, kindness, unity, fairness and balance. The Higher Self is our Soul’s Consciousness. The higher self seeks wisdom and guidance from the source of Love or our Divinity. As individuals, when our old ego ideas are challenged, and fears surface, this is an opportunity to face change. Especially during a personal crisis or illness. As we face our fears, we open our hearts and deepen the love we have for ourselves and others. Although this may be scary process, this shift is natural and necessary to make room for the consciousness of our Higher Self to shine through. The ego even when you are feeling like you are dying, is actually, opening up to greater love and integrating with the Higher Self. Which is the ego’s highest intention.

Imagine a whole planet going through this experience of dissolving old ideas and beliefs to make room for higher ideas of love, cooperation, and community. This is what is happening. There is unraveling for a great revealing of love on a global scale. The higher frequencies coming into the planet amplified this process and have increased the vibration of everyone. Matt Kahn, high consciousness teacher of love, revealed recently, that the timeline for ascension we are going through now, was speeded up because of all the people anchoring light through prayer and meditation. On a global level, emotions have been stirred up, false beliefs are unraveling, and egos are dissolving, and this is good because more people are waking up and realizing that they are divine beings of love having a human experience. The great revealing is that the more we live from this vibration of love, as the Higher Self, the better we will feel and happier we will be. The more people who reside from the Higher Self the quicker we will create a peaceful haven on Earth.

—Director, Christina Meriah Lucia

“Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection, hope, joy, and new beginnings. They are a symbol of rebirth and transformation.”


A caterpillar, comfortable in its cocoon, eventually enters a new world where everything is different, including itself. We also have entered a new world and will emerge from and be transformed through this experience.

I can only imagine what this journey is like for everyone. We are certainly experiencing things we never imagined; feeling things in different ways, gaining knowledge and insight, coming to greater truths about ourselves, the world, our faith and God. We will, hopefully, expand our boundaries, horizons, ways of thinking and making choices. We may become aware of new paths to take, and better choices to make that bring heaven to earth more often.

As we emerge, like the butterfly, from everything that is happening and changing in our lives, I see our wings opening, our hearts soaring, and our spirits lifting, in us and in all those we see before us as we look through our eyes of wonder and love.

May we emerge renewed, reenergized, re-formed, refreshed, reborn of the Spirit.

—Nina Buxton