Heart-centered energy practitioners & teachers dedicated to assist you on your journey of wholeness.

Mission: To Connect You to the Infinite Field of Possibilities for Healing and Creation Expansion.

Vision: To Provide the Tools for Vibrant Healing and Transformation. 

Vibrant Health & Abundance is your birth right. We offer the most advanced services and tools in Energy work for your Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Join us for our Next CHAKRA SHINE-UP CLASs. 

Offerings include sound healing, body and brain yoga, shiatsu, & Reiki services. Astrology, Angelic Message Readings & classes in building consciousness, chakra shining, mindfulness, and sound vibration. As well as trainings Sound Vibrational practitioner certifications & Reiki I & II certification.

We are a community of energy practitioners and teachers who are dedicated to assist you on your journey of wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) for you to achieve your goals of healing and expansion.

Our model is to provide you with the most natural, gentle, and effective integrative approaches in energy work for a vibrantly healthy and fulfilling life.

We work with these common challenges:

            Chronic Pain
Chronic Conditions
Anxiety & Depression
Lack of Energy
            Brain fog
Career Direction
            Lack of focus
Lack of Clarity

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