Energy Work

Energy Work: A Powerful Healing Tool

Free flowing and open healthy pathways lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.

What is Energy?

Everything is made of energy. The universe was created by energy and everything around us is made up of energy. This energy known as Prana or Chi, includes the physical energy and spiritual energy. In Einstein’s famous formula E = mc² (E = energy) — Einstein was referring to physical energy in the universe. This energy can be seen or detected with special equipment. There is also energy that exists, that we may know is there but goes beyond the laws of physics. This is Spiritual energy, the energy that healers’ sense also known as Chi in Eastern Medicine. We live because we have this Chi or Life Force inside our bodies. Our cells, organs, and systems all function because of teaming pulsations of energy. Chi flows through the body pathways, meridians and energy centers or chakras.

Through Western science we have been taught that there are two fields, the bio-magnetic field, and bioelectric energy field, that are around and in our bodies. These fields have both positive and negative charges. When the energy is strong and flowing freely, the negative and positive energy is in balance, the body is healthy. On the other hand, energy that is sluggish, stagnant, or moving too quickly in the fields can cause an imbalance and illness. Eastern and Western Medicine both agree, that when the body is healthy it is happy and in balance.

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Intuitive Scans from Intuitive Christina Meriah Lucia

Share your physical, emotional, and spiritual goals. We will do a scan of your energy centers to assess their flow of movement and then share our observations and make a few recommendations.

This is an in-depth assessment of the energy flow of body, mind, spirit, and energy fields (etheric, astral, spiritual fields and the chakras to determine the flow of energy moving in each area. Spiritual energy is the life force that healers and psychics work with also known as the bio-field. The human bio-field is composed of electromagnetic energy and subtle Chi. A chakra is the energy center the shape of cone which assists the function of the organ and systems in an area of the body it is located. For example, the solar plexus chakra assists in regulating the function of the organs related to digestion, the liver, pancreas, stomach, gull bladder, large intestine, and small intestine.

There are seven major chakras that align the spine beginning at the root or coccyx and ending at the crown of the head. Vital energy comes into the body from the crown and circulates through the energy fields and the chakra centers. It is important for the energy fields, and chakras to be operating properly for optimal health.

This assessment can be done remotely. Included with a scan is a report of the observations and recommended practices to strengthen any area that needs to be addressed.

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“Healing is a restoration of a person to spiritual wholeness.”

Tong Ren Healing (20 min.)

Tong Ren is an eastern technique to remove blockages and restore the normal flow of nurturing and healing energy. In Tong Ren Healing, energy is directed to specific acupuncture points, and meridian pathways on an anatomical figure with a lightweight magnetic hammer.

A focused concentration on healthy bioelectrical patterns and health-sustaining energy with repetitive tapping can open blockages and bring diseased organs into harmony.

Tong Ren can be done in person or remotely. Health can be restored if the conscious mind does not reject or block the process.

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Reiki (30 min.)

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique to help bring harmony and balance back into a system out of balance by reminding the body and mind to heal itself and return to its own perfection. Reiki energy goes where it is needed in the body, to release blocked energy due to physical injury and emotional pain.

Christina Meriah Lucia is a Third-Degree Master Reiki Teacher. Christina’s first teacher, Joyce Morris was the 4th Reiki Master Teacher in Master Usui’s lineage. She will work on specific areas of discomfort and intuitive direction.

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THE Reiki Story

Reiki is a sacred form of healing that was developed by Master Usui Shiki Ryoho in the 1800’s in Asia. Dr. Mikao Usui was head of a Christian School, in Kyoto, Japan. The school was like a U.S. theological seminary. His students kept asking him why they were only taught to heal the soul when the Bible has many references of healing the body and the soul. Dr. Usui spent many years searching sacred texts for answers. He finally discovered the keys to physical healing and balancing in Sanskrit sutras (Hindu holy writings). “He found a formula, very clear, precise, for a simple, quick , easy way to activate and direct the Universal Life Energy that he later named Reiki.”

Dr. Usui needed an easy way to get the power to start the activation. He decided to go up to Mount Kurama-yama for 21 days of meditation, prayer and fasting to see if he could get the power he sought. He used 21 pebbles to keep a record of the days and each day he would throw a pebble away and he would meditate, pray, read from the sutras, and fasted. This was his experience:

The morning of the 21st day came and Dr. Usui prayed to God to show him the light. Then he saw a beam of light that started to move toward him from the horizon. He was afraid but he had searched for years for the answer and faced his fear. He then started seeing bubbles; millions of bubbles moving from right to left in every color of the rainbow. And he saw gold and white lights. And in the center of the white bubble was a gold figure in the Sanskrit that he learned and read in the Sutras.

“And the bubble would come and stop, as if it would say, “Here, Usui, learn this so you will know it always and be able to see it.” And it would go. And then another would come and stop.
When he opened his eyes , and it was broad day light! It was the middle of the morning.

And then he thought, “Ahhhhhh! What a fantastic experience!”

And this started the miracles that Dr. Usui was going to experience. He had so much energy and strength even though he had just fasted for 21 days that he hurried down the mountain. On the way down he stumbled and stubbed his toe on a rock. His hands became hot and he grabbed his bleeding and painful toe and the toe totally healed.

At the bottom of the mountain he realized he was hungry, and he came upon a bench with a red cloth. It was an invitation to receive a meal. While eating a hardy breakfast, the daughter of the owner was crying in pain from a tooth ache. Dr. Usui put his hands on the child’s face and soon she said he had done MAGIC and his hands were hot and the pain and swelling were gone. So many Reiki miracles occurred on the 21st day of Dr. Usui’s journey.

Dr. Usui called the energy he received Reiki. Reiki comes from the Japanese word “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy).

Dr. Usui was directed to go to Beggar City and heal the beggars there. He thought that once they were healed by the Reiki Energy that they would be able stop begging. One day a young man came to Dr. Usui and the man said, “Don’t you recognize me?” “I was one of the first men that you healed down here.” Usui was perplexed and exclaimed. “I healed you. Why are you back?” The young man said. “You did that”! But do you know how much self-discipline it takes to work. It is easier to be a bagger. Dr. Usui had been healing people in Beggar City for seven years. ”Since that day Dr. Usui decided that Reiki never again shall Reiki be given away for free. There needs to be an exchange of energy.

Soon after Dr. Usui returned to Kyoto. He lit a torch and started walking around teaching people about Reiki. That began his travels lecturing and teaching Reiki. all over Japan until his transition in the 1900’s. One of his most beloved disciple’s Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Dr. Hayashi was a member of Japanese aristocracy, a very learned and enlightened man. He started a Reiki clinic in Tokyo after Usui died. The clinic flourished for many years. Dr. Hayashi needed someone to pass Reiki along to and since his own children were not interested in dedicating their lives to Reiki. Dr. Hayashi chose Hawayo Takata to bring the Reiki forward.

Madame Takata was from Hawaii and was ill and received the direction to study from this famous doctor. Dr.Hayashi, was clairvoyant, and he saw that Japan was going to go to war. To preserve the sacred Reiki energy , he entrusted a woman to continue the Reiki lineage. On May 10, 1941, Dr. Hayashi gathered his family together, said his goodbyes, and left his body.

The practice spread through Hawaii. In the 1970’s Madame Takata started teaching extensively in the United States. Before her transition in 1980, at the age of 80 Takata had trained 22 Master Teachers. Madame Takata’s granddaughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto became the head of the Reiki lineage.

For the complete story refer to the book “Reiki, Hands that Heal, by Joyce Morris.

The Reiki energy works by receiving special healing attunements (Reiki energy and symbols from a Reiki Master Teacher). In Reiki 1 when you place your hands on yourself or others the Reiki energy comes through, and hands off the energy flow stops. Reiki 2 the practitioner receives additional attunements with more energy to utilize during healing session. In Reiki 2 the practitioner can also do remote work with clients. In Reiki 3 the practitioner receives more advanced attunements with amplified energy as conduit for powerful Reiki healing. The Reiki Master can also become a Reiki Master teacher and can pass the attunements to students.

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