Healing Services

A community of energy practitioners & teachers using integrative approaches for healing and expansion

healing services:
  • Sound Vibration with Tuning Forks, Chakra Balancing & Reiki, Shiatsu.
  • Astrology, Intuitive Readings, Divine Guidance, Angelic Life Coaching 
  • Home Energy Clearings & Blessings
Classes & Trainings
  • Chakra Shine-Up 8-week class
  • Reiki I & 11 Trainings
  • Sound Therapy Workshops & Trainings
  • Sacred Art Classes
  • Astrology Angel Workshops

Our practitioners and teachers use gentle techniques to assist clients to connect with the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit and soul.

The physical body has its own innate wisdom. It is a storehouse of emotions, memories, and recorded events from this lifetime and throughout your lineage.  Undoing blocked energy related to survival (just getting- by) will give you optimum energy for your wellbeing and abundance.


All experiences that we have had in our lives is stored in our brains. The relationships that we have had and places we’ve been, even the actions and behaviors that we have memorized is imprinted in our brains.
 Reclaim energy from old beliefs, situations that no longer serve you, or match the desires of your heart with mind body tools to help you shift your fears and negative perceptions of yourself and others, so you can have more clarity, focus and greater peace of mind. This in turn enhances your relationships and your level of consciousness. 

Science has proven that there is a definite connection between the body and mind. There is no separation between what is happening in our minds and what is happening in our bodies. To say, “I hurt my knee,” is to say the “hurt inside me is manifesting on my knee”. To treat only the knee is to disregard the source of the pain in the knee is manifesting. Denying the body-mind relationship is missing an opportunity to look at, accept and resolve our inner pain.

As humans we are only using a small percentage of our brain/mind. I invite you to open to new possibilities for expanding your brain/mind and consciousness. Science has proven that there is a definite connection between the body and mind.

There is a creative force in the universe that operates around us and within us. It may be called Chi or prana or life force. It is the electromagnetic energy at different frequencies that corresponds to sound, light and color. This energy flows through the body pathways, meridians and chakras (energy centers along our spine and assists in regulating our organs and systems). 

The body, mind & spirit all work together for our highest good.

As we learn the language of our body, we learn the messages that the body is revealing. Our bodies clearly reflect the imbalances of energy within us. If we ignore our own attitudes and beliefs the energy will find another way to get our attention. Pain is usually the last resort.


Your Soul is your divine essence and is part of your consciousness that is with you through all time and space.  We are a soul having a human experience. We choose our parents, our life path and the lessons that we have come to earth to learn before we move through the birth canal. Your body is a store house of memories and events that your soul has experienced throughout all the incarnations you have made the earth your home. These experiences are encoded on your DNA.

We all have a purpose for being and living. We are all here to heal, transform and evolve to in consciousness.

 The truth is – you are already where you are meant to be and doing exactly what you were called to do in this moment in time. You only need to remember who you are.

You are a magnificent radiant divine being, here to shine your light in the world.

“The Soul When Stripped to Its Essence Is an Experience That Transcends Everyday Life.” — Deepak Chopra