The Wisdom of Body/Mind/Spirit/Soul

Gentle techniques to assist clients to connect with the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit and soul.


We see our clients as whole and perfect and work with what is breaking through for healing and creative expansion. The aim is to bring your body into balance. The physical body has its own innate wisdom. It is a storehouse of emotions, memories and recorded events from this life time and throughout your lineage. We tap into the bodies wisdom to assist you to undo, release stagnant, discordant energy so that you can move behind survival (making choices like a job or life style just to get by) and actually maximizing your energy for optimum health, vitality and abundance.


Our focus is to assist our clients to reclaim energy from old beliefs, situations and conditions that no longer serve or match the desires of their hearts. We provide mind body tools to help you shift your fears and negative perceptions of yourself and others so you can have more clarity, focus and greater peace of mind. With an increase in energy there you’ll have a feel more balanced and grounded. You may also feel safe to speak your truth and to do the work you came here to do.


There is great creative force in the universe that operates around us and within us. The cultures in the east refer to it as Chi or prana. In the west we call it life force. It is the electromagnetic energy at different frequencies that corresponds to sound, light and color. We are a part of this Chi, or life force and energy flows through the body pathways, meridians and chakras (energy centers along our spine which regulate our organs and systems).

The energy around us is known in science as the quantum field. The quantum field is teaming with quanta or subatomic particles and atoms that cannot be seen without sophisticated equipment. Science has proven that the quantum field of energy exists. Practitioners work with this energy and teach you to work with it. If you rub your hands together vigorously and then slowly part your hands you may be able to feel the life force around you. How do you know you have connected to the energy? By sensing it, feeling it or seeing the energy. It’s experiential. We also connect with Divine in the same way. When we pray and meditate, we connect with the divine energy in the quantum field. Since we are all made of universal energy, we are divine beings having a human experience. We are to remember our divine nature and we are here to utilize this divine energy to assist in our healing and creative expansion.

You have all the resources you need inside you for your healing and realizing your greatest potential. You have a great capacity for using your mind and other senses than you have ever imagined. As humans we are only using a small percentage of our brain/mind. I invite you to open to new possibilities for expanding your brain/mind and consciousness. Science has proven that there is a definite connection between the body and mind.

Neuroscientific theory tells us that the brain is organized to reflect everything we know in our environment. All experiences that we have had in our lives is stored in our brains. The relationships that we have had and places we’ve been, even the actions and behaviors that we have memorized is imprinted in our brains. There is no separation between what is happening in our minds and what is happening in our bodies. To say, “I hurt my knee,” is to say the “hurt inside me is manifesting on my knee”. To treat only the knee is to disregard the source of the pain in the knee is manifesting. Denying the body-mind relationship is missing an opportunity to look at, accept and resolve our inner pain.

Science has also discovered the cells in our bodies have their own intelligence. If you speak to your right hand your knee will also respond to the command. Be mindful of your thoughts and words you speak. The words you speak your cells can hear and will follow your commands.

Outer experiences of our being are a direct reflection of our inner experiences. In other words, our reaction to events in our lives create our reality. When we have an ache in our shoulder, , have a backache or get indigestion-all the physical ailments from which we suffer-they don’t usually make sense. As we learn the language of our body, we learn the messages that the body is revealing. Our bodies clearly reflect the imbalances of energy within us. If we ignore our own attitudes and beliefs the energy will find another way to get our attention. Pain is usually the last resort.

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. We are best when we give the doctor who resides within a chance to go to work.”   — Albert Schweitzer


Your Soul is your divine essence or the part of you which is transcendent; always at one with divine source. It is also that part of your consciousness that is with you through all time and space. If you believe in reincarnation, you will realize that you as a soul have had many birth and death experiences on the earth. We are a soul having a human experience. We choose our parents, our life path and the lessons that we have come to earth to learn before we move through the birth canal. Your body is a store house of memories and events that your soul has experienced throughout all the incarnations you have made the earth your home. These experiences are encoded on your DNA.

You can retrieve soul memories through different forms energy work, Sound healing techniques, hypnosis, Emotion & Body Code work, card readings and through mediums. There are also times that you may have spontaneous regressions and memories from the past come to surface. You may be at a location, like a trip in the South West and suddenly the place will feel familiar and you may have a memory like a photo appear. Like a deijavu. You may have an inner knowing or gut feeling that you’ve been there before. You also may meet a person and recognize him or her, but you may not know from where. These are past life memories. These memories are in your Akashic records of your soul. The more you have develop your intuition, the more you will be able to get in touch with the history of your own soul.

We all have a purpose for being and living. We are all here to make a contribution to the world. We are you to learn and grow and become the grandest versions of ourselves. Let us assist you to excavate those talents and strengths that you carry in your cells from other lifetimes and your lineage. Let us help you remember your capacity to heal yourself and others and open to new dimensions of expansion.

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